| Test your Hard Drive Status

In order to, monitor your drive’s condition setup the free HDD health monitoring utility- It displays S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) Information with attributes and values. With this technical data you can compare them and know any malfunction on your Windows PC. Being an accurate & Free to use tool Crystal disk is most reliable software.

Although it displays all technical details but you can interpret disk health with Critical value comparison with the real values.

What is Crystal disk info?

Check your hard disk’s health status with the utility program- called Using the S.M.A.R .T technology, it tracks drive’s performance. Besides, it monitors drive based on the attributes that decide parameters with different values. With disk’s Overall Status, you can keep tracking whether drive is in healthier state or not.

How to test hard drive’s status?

On downloading the Crystal disk info file on your PC, you can check status of hard drive directly-


  1. Select any of the- Portable or Standard edition, you may need.
  2. Download Crystal disk info file, for Standard edition. Go ahead by agreeing with the ‘License agreement’.
  3. Opt language for installation, further follow prompts to finish installation.

Note- Portable edition doesn’t require any file installation.

Choose the drive

Now, on launching, choose any particular drive you want to test for. It will then show you details of the drive along with total health status. It includes attributes- temperature, model, SSD life left, Power-on hours, and several others. You will be shown status as- Good, Caution, Bad, Unknown, and None, as per your drive’s performance.

Identify various attributes

With the help of the table that displays values for all the SMART attributes. These are factors that determine your hard drive’s performance. Every attribute is clarified along with several parameters- a current value, a worst value, a threshold, a raw value. Through the drive status, you are well-informed about current value, which can be either higher or lower than the threshold value. It is reported as OK or Bad.

Analyse table and take steps

After proper analysing your hard drive you can now, figure out where the issue lies with it. You can track if the drive’s status has crossed its critical values. It will warn you for any disk failure chances. If it is prone to some risks, then on regular monitoring of the disk you will know its errors. You must focus on some factors such as Reallocated Sectors Count, Current Pending Sector Count, Incorrect Sector Count, and Temperature. These estimate about errors you may encounter.

Alter CrystalDiskInfo Settings

Adjust settings from Function menu, as per your requirements and disk performance. Choose the appropriate option. Activate/deactivate any of the advanced options that may impact power, performance and other factors. It includes factors like AAM (Automatic Acoustic Management), APM (Advanced Power Management), or NCQ (Native Command Queuing).
Also, you can setup the Alert Mode for Sound and Notifications. Update your settings to manual settings to refresh its settings within some interval of time.

Keep checking your hard drive’s performance by running utility software on your PC.